We are happy to announce on all Deposits for Women, Girl Child, Widows, Disabled Personnel, Army Personnel and Farmers with 0.5% Additional Interest.

Become Star Sri Nidhi Member today

Star Sri Nidhi Ltd which has been incorporated as per Nidhi Rules, with the objective of cultivating the habits of thrift and savings amongst its Members.

Authorized Share Capital of Star Sri Nidhi Limited on Incorporation Day is INR 10,00,000 & It was increased to INR 25,00,000 during the AGM by our Members on 31/01/2021 and Paidup capital as on 31/08/2021 was INR 12,00,000.

We deal any kind of transactions with our members only

Its advised to take membership with  Star Sri Nidhi Limited to avail our services

 we offer Share Capital of Star Sri Nidhi Limited through membership to any individuals Subject to Approved by Board of Directors with the face value of Rs 10 as per below mentioned criteria

S.No Minimum & Maximum No of Shares Amount
1 10 100
2 2500 25000

We Announce Bonus on Yearly basis on Share Capital to members as per performance of Company

Share Capital beyond Rs 100 will be issued to Members subject to Approval by Board of Directors based on Recommendation by Share Holders Committee

Star Sri Nidhi Limited has time to Allot Share Capital max of 60 Working days either to Accept or Reject Share Capital Application by members

Membership at Nidhi:

1. A Nidhi shall not admit a body corporate as a member.
2. A minor shall not be admitted as a member in a Nidhi company.
3. But deposits may be accepted in the name of minor , if they are made by natural or legal guardian who is a member of the respective Nidhi.

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